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Sensing the Future Through Innovation.

Discovery & Development...
Senomyx discovers and develops innovative flavor ingredients using our unique proprietary technologies. We believe that our new flavors, flavor modifiers, and bitter blockers will have benefits for both consumers and consumer products manufacturers. Our flavor ingredients are commercialized through partnership agreements or are marketed by Senomyx directly to flavor companies.

The Company's key flavor programs focus on the discovery and development of savory, sweet and salt flavor ingredients that maintain the desired taste of food and beverage products in which sugar, MSG, or salt has been reduced. In addition, Senomyx has a bitter blocker program to reduce or block bitter tastes and thereby improve the taste characteristics of foods, beverages and pharmaceutical products. Senomyx also has a cool flavor program for the discovery of novel flavor ingredients intended to provide a cooling taste effect for confectioneries, foods and beverages, as well as oral care and OTC healthcare products. Fourteen Senomyx flavor ingredients have received regulatory_approvals in the U.S.; many of these have also been granted approval in additional countries.

Commercialization via Royalty-Based Collaborations...
Senomyx has entered into product discovery and development collaborations with several of the world's leading food, beverage, and ingredient supply companies. These collaborations provide Senomyx with research and development funding, milestone payments based upon achievement of research or development goals, and royalties on sales of products incorporating our flavor ingredients. We are primarily responsible for the discovery, development and regulatory approval of our new flavor ingredients and our partners are responsible for sales and marketing of products that contain our ingredients.

Under Senomyx’s commercialization agreements, each collaborator will bear the costs and responsibilities for manufacturing, marketing, selling and distributing its consumer products that contain Senomyx flavor ingredients. This arrangement is intended to allow Senomyx to benefit from our collaborators' brand recognition, global market presence, established sales and distribution channels, and other industry specific expertise. The Company has received commercialization revenues that include royalties on sales of products incorporating its flavor ingredients from Firmenich SA, Nestlé SA, and Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

Commercialization via Direct Sales...
Senomyx’s Direct Sales Program is intended to accelerate and expand commercialization of our flavor ingredients. We are currently selling certain of our pure, also commonly referred to as ‘neat’, Complimyx® flavor ingredients to flavor companies that can incorporate them into proprietary flavor systems for their customers. Senomyx’s internal commercial organization handles sales and marketing, as well as supply chain management of third party manufacturers.

Our Sweetmyx ingredients, SR96 and SR69, are used with other flavor ingredients to boost the sweetness of products in which sucrose (table sugar) or other sweeteners have been reduced. Having multiple Sweetmyx offerings allows us to address specific food or beverage product requirements and broadens the potential applications for Senomyx’s flavor ingredient portfolio.

Savorymyx UM80 provides a distinct new savory (umami) taste sensation and can be combined with other ingredients to create unique new flavor blends. It is applicable for a variety of products including sauces, frozen foods, cooking aids, soups, and snack foods, and can be used to reduce or replace added monosodium glutamate (MSG).

Our Bittermyx BB68 bitter blocker is used to reduce the bitterness of ingredients that impart a bitter taste or have a bitter lingering effect such as soy and whey proteins, menthol, caffeine, cocoa, and Rebaudioside A (stevia).

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