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In spring 2013, Senomyx announced initiation of a new direct selling strategy whereby we intend to leverage our proprietary taste discovery technologies to become a leading commercial provider of our novel Complimyx®Taste Modulation Ingredients to the flavor industry. Rather than relying solely on licensing collaborations for commercialization, we are now also selling select Senomyx pure, or “neat,” flavor ingredients directly to flavor companies for re-sale to their food and beverage company customers as part of a flavor solution.

Our current product portfolio includes the following sweet modifiers, savory flavor and bitter blocking ingredients:

  • Sweetmyx® SR96 is a sweet taste modifier for use in all non-alcoholic beverage applications, including powdered soft drinks, in which sucrose has been reduced. Commercial-scale quantities of SR96 are currently available for sale. SR96 has received FEMA GRAS status and we are in the process of pursuing regulatory approvals by JECFA and EFSA, with other key international approvals to follow.

  • Sweetmyx® SR69 is a sweet taste modifier for use in reduced-sucrose food and select beverage products. We anticipate commercial quantities of SR69 to be available during the second quarter of 2014. SR69 has FEMA GRAS status, as well as regulatory approval by JECFA and EFSA.

  • Savorymyx® UM80 is a savory flavor ingredient that mimics the temporal profile of MSG, so it can be used to reduce or replace MSG in foods and beverages. Additionally, it can be used to enhance umami taste within a flavor system. UM80 is available for use across all product categories, and has regulatory approvals in the U.S. and virtually everywhere in the world.

  • Bittermyx® BB68, is a bitter blocker that can be used to attenuate a range of bitter tasting ingredients. For example, BB68 has shown efficacy in reducing the bitterness of unsweetened cocoa powder, caffeine, Rebaudioside A, menthol, and hydrolyzed soy and whey proteins. This bitter blocker has FEMA GRAS status and a positive determination from JECFA with other international approvals to follow.

You know your customers best; we’ll help make your flavors even better. Senomyx delivers unparalleled taste modulation ingredients by utilizing our proprietary taste discovery technologies. If you are interested in finding out how to add these Senomyx Complimyx Taste Modulation Ingredients to your toolbox, please complete the following form and a representative from Senomyx will follow-up with you. Samples of SR96, SR69, UM80 and BB68 are available to flavor houses to evaluate under a Material Transfer Agreement.



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