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Commercialization via Royalty-Based Collaborations...
Senomyx is collaborating with leading global food, beverage, and ingredient supply companies to develop and commercialize our flavor ingredients.

Through our collaboration agreements, we have received and expect to continue to receive a combination of upfront license fee payments, research and development funding, and milestone payments. Each collaborator bears the costs and responsibilities for manufacturing, marketing, selling and distributing its consumer products that contain Senomyx flavor ingredients. This arrangement is intended to allow Senomyx to benefit from our collaborators' brand recognition, global market presence, established sales and distribution channels, and other industry specific expertise.

In addition, Senomyx will receive royalties from the sales of our collaborators' products that contain our flavor ingredients. These royalty payments will continue through the lifetime of patents covering the Senomyx ingredients incorporated into the products, allowing us to participate in the revenue generated as our collaborators sell their products, grow their sales, and establish new markets. The Company has received commercialization revenues that include royalties on sales of products incorporating its flavor ingredients from Firmenich SA, Nestlé SA, and Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

Our collaborative agreements provide our partners exclusive or co-exclusive use of the flavor ingredients resulting from one or more of our Discovery & Development programs, in specific product categories and geographies. The exclusive nature of the agreements allows our partners to differentiate their products from those of their competitors. Senomyx retains rights to enter into license agreements with multiple other companies for the same flavor ingredients in non-competing product categories or geographies.

Nestlé is currently marketing products that contain one of Senomyx's Savory Flavors in the Pacific Rim, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East. This ingredient and other Senomyx Savory Flavors can be used to reduce or replace added monosodium glutamate (MSG) in foods and beverages; they can also be used to create new savory blends.

Ajinomoto, Co., Inc. is currently introducing products that contain a Senomyx flavor ingredient in Asia, North America, and an emerging market.

Firmenich has exclusive rights for worldwide commercialization of S2383, an extremely effective modifier of the high-intensity sweetener sucralose. S2383 can be used to restore the desired sweet taste in food and beverage products in which sucralose has been reduced by up to 75%. Products that contain S2383 are being marketed in North America and Latin America.

Firmenich also has worldwide exclusive rights to commercialize S6973, which can be used to restore the sweet taste of natural sugar in products in which up to 50% of the sucrose has been reduced.

S6973 is applicable for use in virtually all food categories and selected beverages, including dairy beverages, and ready-to-drink coffee and tea. Commercialization activities with S6973 are ongoing in the Americas, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Australia. Market launches of retail products that incorporate S6973 have occurred in the U.S., Latin America, Asia, and South Africa.

A Senomyx partner has initiated its first market launch of a retail product incorporating the Company’s S6821 Bitter Blocker. Marketing activities are currently taking place in a country in Southeast Asia. The partner is evaluating the use of S6821 in additional products and geographies. Parties interested in establishing collaborative agreements with Senomyx should contact our Business Development group at for further information.

Commercialization via Direct Sales...
Senomyx has initiated a new direct sales initiative intended to accelerate and expand commercialization of our flavor ingredients. In addition to having established licensing collaborations for commercialization, Senomyx will also sell certain of our pure, also commonly referred to as ‘neat’, ingredients to flavor companies that can incorporate them into proprietary flavor systems for their customers. Senomyx’s internal commercial organization will handle sales and marketing, as well as supply chain management of third party manufacturers.

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