Our Partnerships

We are partnering with some of the world’s leading global food, beverage and ingredient supply companies to develop and commercialize Senomyx’s novel flavor ingredients.

Our roster of collaborators include:
  • PepsiCo is collaborating with Senomyx to identify and develop additional novel sweet taste ingredients, including both boosters and natural sweeteners. Their research funding for our collaboration provides PepsiCo with exclusive licensed rights in non-alcoholic beverages on a worldwide basis. Additionally, PepsiCo is funding research in the area of salty taste.
  • Firmenich is currently marketing Senomyx ingredients in the area of sweet taste for use in food products. Numerous flavor solutions, including S6973 and S2383, that improve the overall taste profile of products that contain lower amounts of added sweeteners, have been commercialized with their food and beverage company clients. Additionally, we have collaborated in the area of cool taste which led to the discovery, development and commercialization of S2227 cooling flavor ingredient, for use in oral care, confectionary, beverage and other products.
  • Ajinomoto, Co., Inc. is currently marketing products that contain a Senomyx savory ingredient in several Asian markets.
  • Nestléis marketing products that include a Senomyx flavor ingredient in Southeast Asia.
Pepsi and Senomyx