Research Programs

Sweet Taste Research

Sweet Taste ResearchOur ongoing research includes work on both natural and artificial sweet taste ingredients that give food companies healthier ways to flavor, allowing for a significant reduction of traditional higher-calorie sweeteners in food and beverage products while offering the same great taste.

Our natural sweet products discovery and development is focused on unique no- or low-calorie sweeteners and sweet flavor boosters. Senomyx has identified multiple novel plant-derived sweeteners that are more potent than Rebaudioside A, which is a significant step toward developing a potential new natural sweetener. Evaluations are on-going to further assess the commercial viability of these novel sweeteners. We continue to identify and test other promising sweeteners derived from plants.

We are also doing research to identify additional artificial ingredients that can boost the sweet taste of sugar or high fructose corn syrup with improved qualities.

PepsiCo is providing funding to support our Sweet Taste Research Program.

Salt Taste Research

Salt Taste ResearchThe goal of our Salt Taste Program is to identify flavor ingredients that allow a significant reduction of sodium in foods and beverages while maintaining the salty taste that consumers enjoy. This program is an important focus for our research activities. The next key step is to determine the specific protein or group of proteins found in taste buds that detect salt in foods. Senomyx has been evaluating a large proprietary database of taste bud proteins, and we have identified a small group of proteins that may be involved in salt taste. We are continuing to explore the extent to which these proteins may enable salt taste perception, which would allow us to use them to discover new flavor ingredients that boost salty taste.

PepsiCo is providing funding to support our Salt Taste Program.